Jerman-Cahoon Scholarship Program Allows R.T. Students To Pursue Their Dreams

Sept. 16, 2008

The ASRT Education and Research Foundation has awarded seven radiologic science students with Jerman-Cahoon scholarships for 2008. The Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship Program provides scholarships, worth up to $2,500, to academically outstanding students attending entry-level radiologic science programs. The scholarship program is named in honor of two of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists' pioneers: Ed. C. Jerman, Sc.D., the founder of the ASRT, and John B. Cahoon Jr., R.T.(R), the respected educator and former ASRT president.

Several of this year's scholarship recipients decided to return to school to become radiologic technologists after having other careers. Because they are not traditional, first-time students, they often don't qualify for financial aid. New York resident Jack P. Hayden decided to return to school at the age of 39, following careers as a business owner, commercial fisherman, welder and heavy equipment mechanic. "It was discouraging to find that I was not eligible for any financial aid while having a GPA of over 3.65 for my entire college career," he said. He opted to pay for school through loans instead of working nights. He said receiving the scholarship significantly reduces his educational expenses. Mr. Hayden is enrolled in a nuclear medicine technology certificate program at Manhattan College.

Others decided to become radiologic technologists after they experienced a health crisis and witnessed firsthand the care and support R.T.s provide patients. Debra Maurizi, of North Versailles, Pa., the mother of two adult sons, was an office manager for a food brokerage company before being diagnosed with breast cancer. During her cancer treatments, she developed an interest in the radiologic sciences, which led her to pursue a career as a mammographer. According to Ms. Maurizi, the scholarship provides her with some financial cushion. "The scholarship will allow me to use the energy I spend worrying about school bills in a more productive way." Ms. Maurizi, who now has a positive prognosis, is enrolled in a radiologic technology associate degree program at the Community College of Allegheny County.

This year's other scholarship recipients are:

  • Christy M. Butler, of Savannah, Ga. She is enrolled in a radiography bachelor's degree program at Armstrong Atlantic State University.
  • Jason J. Groessel, of New Haven, Conn., who is enrolled in a radiography certificate program at Stamford Hospital.
  • Krystal Hensarling, of Marion, La. Ms Hensarling is attending the radiologic associate degree program at South Arkansas Community College.
  • Marisa L. Ratigan, of Providence, R.I. She is enrolled in a radiography associate degree program at the Community College of Rhode Island.
  • Lynn R. Reingold, of Concord, N.H., who is enrolled in a radiologic technology associate degree program at Southern Vermont College.

"The Jerman-Cahoon Scholarship Program is supported by our scholarship patrons," said Janet McEwen, the ASRT Foundation director of development and corporate relations. "Contributions to this program come from both individuals and the radiologic science industry. These patrons want to ensure that academically excellent students don't let lack of funds keep them from realizing their dreams of becoming medical imaging or radiation therapy professionals."

Applications for the 2009 Jerman-Cahoon scholarships will be accepted beginning mid-October. The deadline for submitting applications is Feb. 1, 2009.