VSR Eligibility and Instructions


Individuals eligible to apply for this program are medical imaging and radiation therapy students and practitioners, including technologists working in dosimetry, education or management. Each applicant also must be an ASRT member.

Applications will be accepted from three categories of researchers: novice (no previously published research), advancing (one to three prior publications) and established (four or more prior publications).

Selection Criteria

To be selected for publication, abstracts and posters must contain the following:

  • Purpose – Describe the problem addressed, as well as the reasons for conducting the research (goals).
  • Methods – Describe the process used to conduct and analyze the research. State clearly why this methodology or strategy was appropriate.
  • Results and Conclusions – Describe the outcome of the research and what was learned from the project. Address any implications this might have for practitioners, educators or managers in the field.

Submission Guidelines

  • You may submit only one poster in which you are listed as the first author. Submissions may have more than one author. The category of applicant will be based on the status of the first author.
  • Posters must contain new material that has not been presented or published elsewhere. If an abstract or poster reporting the same data has been submitted for consideration at another meeting or for publication and you have not received notification of its acceptance at the time of your submission to this program, you should disclose this information in the application.
  • Submissions will not be revised or edited after they have been received. Please proof your materials carefully before submitting.
  • The suggested word count for the abstract body is 250.
  • Abstracts, posters and presentations should not include text or images that could identify a patient. Generic product names should be used when possible.
  • Research projects should be based on a case series, clinical study, meta analysis, qualitative study, research synthesis or survey research. For descriptions of these projects, see our Research Project Areas.
  • To submit your application, you should e-mail the application to foundation@asrt.org. See the Research Grants section of our FAQs for details on how to submit your application and how to create an electronic signature.